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Terms of use

I - Field of activity

Article 1 - It is understood that the repair only concerns the electronic part of the electronic boxes and meters.

II - Price

Article 2 - Electronikauto reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, its prices as well as the present conditions of sale and as well as of guarantee.

III - Retention of title

Article 3 - All parts sold by Electronikauto remain the property of the company Electronikauto until full payment of the price.

IV - Delivery

Article 4 - Repair times are given for information only and are not binding. The delay or the lack of delivery can in no case give rise to damages or compensation of any kind.

Article 5 - Electronikauto invites each buyer to check the goods as soon as they are received and to make all necessary reservations with La Poste if necessary.

Article 6 - Under no circumstances can the buyer claim the right to cancel the order or to refuse the goods.

Article 7 - The merchandise travels at the risk and peril of the recipient. In the event of damage occurring during transport, it is the recipient's responsibility to exercise any recourse against La Poste, in accordance with articles 105 and 106 of the Commercial Code.

V - Guarantee

Item 8 - The warranty extends over French territory and concerns repairs and equipment sold new or used.

Article 9 - Used equipment and repairs are guaranteed exclusively under the conditions defined in article 1643 of the Civil Code, for a period of 3 months from the date of sale. New equipment is guaranteed for 12 months. It follows that the company Electronikauto guarantees the equipment sold against only hidden defects or failure of said repair. The equipment is guaranteed for the period specified above from the date of invoicing, subject to the total effective payment of the part invoiced.

Article 10 - To benefit from these provisions, the buyer must notify Electronikauto in writing within two weeks after the installation on the vehicle of the defects that he attributes to the equipment and provide all justifications as to the reality of these. The purchase invoice for the part as well as those for the assembly carried out by a professional must be provided. Failure to provide these items will void the warranty.

Article 11 - The society Electronikauto alone is authorized to apply the guarantee.

Article 12 - The society Electronikauto is the only one authorized to intervene on the material except written agreement on its part. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the benefit of the guarantee would be lost. Consequently, the customer must not disassemble or open the part under any circumstances. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the benefit of the guarantee would be lost. Each item leaving our workshops is sealed with paint. The seals must be intact.

Article 13 - In the event that the warranty applies, in any way whatsoever, the part recognized as defective must be delivered at the customer's expense to Electronikauto, without the latter having to participate in any way in the labor costs caused by the dismantling of the part and its reassembly after repair or exchange, or costs and consequences resulting from the immobility of the vehicle.

Article 14 - The guarantee granted cannot justify any compensation or damages. It limits the liability of Electronikauto.

Article 15 - The part is guaranteed for the period specified above from the invoice date, subject to the total effective payment of the guaranteed invoiced part.

Article 16 - The repair of the part by another establishment or by you automatically entails the definitive exclusion of the guarantee.

Article 17 - This guarantee does not cover in any case the costs of labor, breakdown service, towing, handling, transport, travel as well as costs resulting from the immobilization of the vehicle.

Article 18 - Return shipping costs remain the responsibility of the customer.

VI - Warranty exclusions

Article 19 - The guarantee ceases when the damage results from the inexperience, negligence or fault of the user during the assembly, the commissioning or the use of the part covered by the guarantee and in particular when the mounting recommendations mentioned above are not observed. The application of the warranty will not extend its duration.

Article 20 - All damage which could be caused to all or part of the vehicle by a defective part is expressly excluded from the conditions of application of the guarantee, and cannot give rise to any compensation of any kind. The correct functioning of the part must be ensured when mounting on the vehicle.

VII - Photographs

Article 21 - All the photographs in the online store are not contractual and Elektronikauto can in no case be held responsible in the event of non-conformity between the photograph and the part (s).